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I knew Catriona was the right Psychologist for me from the very first meeting – her friendly, nurturing manner really helped me to open up and as our sessions progressed, I was continually impressed with her empowering and supportive approach to some very difficult issues I have faced. Catriona provides excellent practical tools that have fundamentally improved my approach to life and have helped me to get a better handle on my professional and personal relationships, to a level that I have never before experienced.

Catriona really listened and had such a knack for drawing out the core of my issues and feelings. I literally came away from each session with profound insights into my situation, which helped me to change my perspectives and become more secure in myself as a person.

Our sessions were very empowering and client lead - tailored around the goals that I felt were important to me and which we successfully worked through. I have learned to really challenge my thoughts and have developed a much more positive view of my self which has signficantly benefited my well being and all of my relationships.

 Our sessions have truly been a lifeline when I most needed it. I would highly recommend Catriona's services and will always be grateful to her.