Counselling Psychologist

(MA, Msc , DPsych)

I work in a collaborative and client-led way where I integrate my training and experience with your agenda, goals for therapy and most importantly your own understanding of what will work for you. After all, you are the expert on yourself! You may not know what this is to begin with but together we can create a psychological understanding of your difficulties and a plan of management to help.

I work as an integrative psychologist meaning that I integrate various therapies depending on what is right for each unique client at that time and stage for their particular difficulties. 

As a psychologist, I have the advantage of being trained in a number of different therapies as well as having a scientific and research-based training, meaning I can drawn upon scientific evidence, research and clinical literature to inform what is likely to be the most effective therapy for you or your child. I am primarily grounded in Person-Centred and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) but also heavily utilise Schema-informed therapy. We may use other strategies also such as Mindfulness. I can also work with couples to help them develop better conflict management skills and help them communicate.

As a counselling psychologist I have humanistic underpinnings. This is just a fancy way of saying I value your own subjective experience and view any mental health difficulties as natural human suffering rather than a medical illness.  Equally, if you feel strongly that a diagnosis is the best option for you then I can also consult with you on this and advise on pathways for diagnoses.


Training, qualifications & experience

Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (DPsych)

Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Psychology for Children and Young People

Master of Arts in Psychology (MA)


I started studying Psychology in 2005 and have nine years of accumulative training to doctoral level. I currently work part-time in the NHS with adults in addition to my private work. I have had experience with a range of presenting difficulties with the majority of experience being with anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties and children and parenting work. My training involved working in an addictions service in the NHS as well as general adult services and children and adolescents. If you are unsure if I can help, please contact me.

Children, Young People and Families

I have  worked with children and young people in various roles throughout most of my life. I have a wealth of experience working with children and young people spanning over the past ten years. I have had a range of child psychology roles including play therapy and over 2.5 years NHS experience within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). I trained via an NHS funded specialist child psychology Masters. I am qualified in and have delivered a range of group parenting programmes such as Incredible Years, Mellow Parenting and Triple P as well as Dino School for children with ADHD. My experience involved working with both children, families and parents on a range of difficulties such as

  • Behavioural difficulties

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Low mood

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Bullying and peer relationships

  • Family separation, divorce and conflict

  • Queries and preliminary assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Although I can help to understand the signs of this I cannot diagnose it).

  • Parental management strategies

  • Selective mutism

  • Encopresis and enuresis (Soiling and wetting)

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

  • Eating disorders

and others.

Member organisations

Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC)


Counselling Psychologist in a protected title under the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC). Every properly qualified psychologist must be registered as a necessity to ensure protection of the public much like a doctor or a nurse. As such only those with the necessary training can be approved and registered. Unfortunately other titles such as psychologist, counsellor, therapist or child psychologist etc are not protected titles meaning anyone can call themselves this. You should  seek to ensure that any therapist you chose has the necessary training and accreditation rather than just registration, with a relevant professional regulatory body. Any qualified professional will welcome questions regarding this.

What is a Counselling Psychologist?

A Counselling Psychologist will generally have a four year undergraduate degree in a British Psychological Society approved undergraduate degree as well a Professional Postgraduate Doctorate training. Anyone holding the title Chartered Psychologist reflects the highest level of Psychological training and is rigorously regulated. They are required to keep up with regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and adhere to Professional Standards of Ethics and Codes of Conduct.