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Be More Dog

Love this picture by Byron Katie.

Animals only turn on their flight, freeze or fight response when in stressful situations. Us humans..we turn it on constantly throughout the day when thinking about work or study or relationships, paying bills, etc causing us anxiety.Then we get confused as to why we have symptoms of anxiety, as it happens so quickly and un-consciously and we question that even more, taking us further down the rabbit hole.

Animals are experts at this due to their lesser brain capacity but humans have evolved the capacity for abstract thought. Which can be an enemy and a friend. Animals do it naturally but for humans its a skill we need to take back. To practise.

In a busy stressful day try and have at least a few moments every few hours where you are mindful of your environment.Remind yourself you're not in immediate danger, schedule time for worrying and problem solving later.

Then allow yourself permission to get out your head and into your environment. Set an alarm every hour. Place a sticker on your desk and every time you see it, #justbreathe. Use your five senses to ground you in the present moment. Enjoy the warmth of your coffee, the feeling of the sun or the the fresh air or the rain (In Scotland's case) on your skin. Then come back a little more refreshed.

Let's all take some time to be more #mindful #bemoredog.

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